What’s the deal with Maternity – Fashion Photography?

We have all seen the same old tired and boring maternity pictures all over social media and although the people in the pictures seem to love them, the rest of us see them and say “Oh! The girl making a heart with her hands and the guy kissing the belly… Again!

We have fallen for the easy path of the mundane, the repetitive and the boring.
I say: “NO MORE!” – This season and for a limited time, my team and I, will focus on fixing this issue. We are bringing our many years of experience in the world of fashion and commercial photography to you, we are ready to unable your vision and take maternity photography to the red carpet!

Give us a call or contact us via e-mail, let’s set up an appointment and exchange some ideas. We will find the locations, assemble the team, make-up, hair, we got this! We’ll bring the equipment have some fun and shoot some amazing images.

One day your babies will be a grown ups, see your pictures and say, “Wow! Mom, you are a badass!”